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Transit changes to streamline routes and improve accessibility

‚ÄčTransit users will notice enhancements to the system at the end of the month with some route changes to improve efficiency and the addition of audio stop announcements.

Beginning August 29, several route changes will take effect across the city. Transit users are encouraged to review the transit maps attached to see how their route may be impacted. Some of the more significant changes include:

South Lethbridge
Route 22 from downtown to Lethbridge College will no longer include a loop through the south neighbourhoods of Fairmont/Coulee Creek. This area will be serviced by a new Route 40 Fairmont that will leave from Lethbridge College. Route 22 will take a more direct path between downtown to Lethbridge College with less looping in residential areas. This will create a quicker trip for those traveling this major route and will help keep the bus on schedule for those needing to make transfers.

Those arriving at the College will now have a drop off on-campus rather than having to walk from Scenic Drive. Riders proceeding to the south residential neighbourhoods or shopping area, will need to transfer to the new Route 40. Those living along Route 22 may also have to adjust their walking distance as their usual bus stop may change to accommodate the more direct route.

North Lethbridge
Residential Route 31 will be renamed Route 41 Blackwolf to be consistent with the City's route naming conventions. All major routes on the west side of the river will use route numbers in the 30s, those to the east are in the 20s and residential routes are in the 40s. A small section of Route 41 going north to Giffen Rd in the Sherring Industrial Park will be discontinued due to minimal ridership. In addition, the west end of the Route 41 as well as Route 20 Legacy Ridge (running non-peak evening and weekend hours) will be adjusted to create more efficiency. This will see the route change from using Lettice Perry N to Mildred Dobbs Blvd N avoiding one school zone and an area that experiences significant snow drifting which often leads to stuck and delayed buses.

West Lethbridge
In preparation for the opening of the Cor Van Raay YMCA at ATB Centre, some adjustments have been made to Route 35 to create a safe location to get on and off the bus. The bus stop will be relocated to the north side of the building and the route will run behind ATB Centre on 30 St rather than in front of the building. In order to make up the time needed for this route change, a small section of the Copperwood community route will be discontinued.

In addition to route adjustments, Lethbridge Transit is also adding audio announcements on all buses so riders are aware of upcoming stops. This change will help improve the accessibility of transit services for individuals who are visually and hearing impaired. Testing of this new system is now underway and audio announcements will be fully implemented on all buses this fall.

All of the transit enhancements are in-line with the recommendations of the City's Transit Master Plan presented to City Council earlier this year and aim to improve the customer experience. There will be on-going monitoring of the changes to ensure they meet the needs to transit users.

All changes will go live on August 29 in the MyRide tool at providing real-time transit information. For more information on Lethbridge Transit services visit

Media Contact:
Scott Grieco, Transit Operations Manager
City of Lethbridge
Phone: 403-320-3119