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Two lakes meet standards for outdoor skating

As of Friday January 24, all designated skating areas at Henderson, Chinook, Legacy and Nicholas Sheran are closed due to warm temperatures. The ice conditions do not meet our standards at this time.


January 20 2020
It might be hard to think positively about cold weather but it's the first time this winter that lake ice at Chinook Lake and Henderson Lake is thick enough to meet City of Lethbridge standards for outdoor skating in designated areas.

The ice conditions at Nicholas Sheran Lake and Legacy Lake do not meet standards for public use and outdoor skating is not permitted on those lakes at this time.

Specific areas are being cleared for outdoor skating at Henderson Lake and Chinook Lake. The thickness of natural ice varies from place to place so residents are reminded to never skate alone and avoid skating in the dark.

The warmer temperatures this week could impact ice conditions so residents are asked to call the Lake Ice Line at 403-320-4974 or visit before going out.

Here are the current ice conditions for the designated skating areas at Chinook, Henderson, Legacy and Nicholas Sheran Lakes:

Chinook LakeAverage ice thickness:  13 inchesGoodDOES MEET City of Lethbridge standards for public skating
Henderson LakeAverage ice thickness:  14 inchesGoodDOES MEET City of Lethbridge standards for public skating
Legacy LakeAverage ice thickness:  11 inchesPoorDoes NOT meet City of Lethbridge standards for public skating
Nicholas Sheran LakeAverage ice thickness:  11 inchesPoorDoes NOT meet City of Lethbridge standards for public skating


Each winter, Parks staff assess ice conditions once a week in designated outdoor skating areas to determine whether they meet our standards for public use. The minimum average ice thickness must be at least 12 inches so the ice can be safely cleared with equipment.

The following criteria is used to assess the ice for public use:

  • The presence of standing water or open water
  • The amount of freezing that has occurred
  • Snow cover
  • Present thickness of the ice
  • Present condition of the ice
  • Present clarity of the ice
  • Air temperature

Please note that ice on storm ponds is not monitored by the City because moving water and fluctuating weather conditions lead to unknown, unpredictable and dangerous ice conditions. Stay safe by staying off stormwater ponds.

For Public Inquiries:

Call 311 |  Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Media Contact:
David Ellis, Parks Manager
City of Lethbridge