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Upgrades coming to SLP Skate Park

​Some important upgrades will be happening at SLP Skate Park over the next two weeks to enhance safety and improve the park experience for riders. To accommodate this work, the site will be closed to the public starting Monday, April 10 and is expected to re-open on Monday, April 24.

Once the work is completed, park users will see new concrete in areas that are currently cracked and are deteriorating. There will also be concrete added in high traffic areas to prevent the tracking of dirt and mud into the park. This will improve both the cleanliness and safety of the park.

The City of Lethbridge recognizes the SLP Skate Park is a well-used and well-loved resource in the community. To help minimize the impact on the public, this work was scheduled as soon as the weather conditions permitted.

The SLP Skate Park will be fenced off during the construction and there will be no public allowed in park during this time. 

Media Contact:
Rob Villeneuve
City of Lethbridge, Project Manager
Phone: (403) 320-4028