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Waste Reduction Week 2019

​Each year, communities across the country recognize the third week of October as Waste Reduction Week in Canada. During this year's event, October 21-27, the City of Lethbridge encourages all residents to participate in events and take time to consider new waste reduction strategies in their everyday lives. 

Each day of the week will recognize a new theme with activities and events. 

Monday, October 21 – Theme: Circular Economy & WRW Kick-Off

  • Promoting a circular economy is about avoiding products that are purchased, used and disposed of and instead choosing products that are made of recycled material or can be reused or repurposed.
  • We will light up City Hall green and blue to recognize the 2019 Waste Reduction Week.
  • Environment Lethbridge will present "Waste Less Food" to City Council at the Community Issues Committee meeting.

Tuesday, October 22 – Theme: Textiles

  • The textiles theme encourages residents to think about the environmental impacts of clothing production and encourages repairing, repurposing and reusing.
  • Win a recycling truck costume! Watch the City of Lethbridge social media feeds for a fun re-useable Halloween costume contest.

Wednesday, October 23 – Theme: Champions and Innovators

  • Do you know a champion or innovator in waste reduction? Check out Environment Lethbridge's list of Green Hero's from last year and stay tuned to see who was nominated in 2019!
  • Today we will celebrate champions within the City of Lethbridge who are walking the walk and making waste reduction a priority.

Thursday, October 24 – Theme: Plastics

Friday, October 25 – Theme: Food Waste

  • Visit Environment Lethbridge's new website – to learn more.
  • Take the wasteless lunch challenge and pack you own wasteless lunch. Share on social media using #ShowMeYourLunch.

Saturday, October 26 – Theme: Swap, Share, Repair

  • Swapping, sharing, or refurbishing extends product/material lifecycles and diverts them from disposal. Residents are encouraging to think about the lifecycle of their materials and learn more about sustainable consumption, the sharing economy, and extending the life of materials through reuse at

Sunday, October 27 – Theme: E-Waste

  • Give those old electronics a second life. Use the Waste Wizard Tool to find out where you can bring your old and damaged electronics.

For more information on Waste Reduction Week visit


Media Contact:
Gordon Prest, Waste and Recycling Services
City of Lethbridge