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Whoop-Up Drive Interchanges

​City Council heard recommendations from the Whoop-Up Drive Interchange Functional Study today, which looked at projected traffic volumes and identified improvements for both the Whoop-Up Drive interchanges and nearby intersections.

"As we considered future growth in West Lethbridge and across the city, we looked at how we can enhance existing corridors like Whoop-Up Drive for the short, medium and long-term," says Ahmed Ali, Transportation Engineering Manager. "The purpose of the study was to find ways to reduce congestion, add capacity for increased traffic on the east and west end of the river crossing and improve safety for motorists, cyclists, pedestrians and transit customers in these areas."

"This study tells us that short-term improvements to the Whoop-Up Drive interchanges are the most practical solution to increase traffic flow while minimizing financial impact to residents," says Mayor Chris Spearman.  "Our goal as Council is to be proactive with our planning and manage expectations of our residents."

The Whoop-Up Drive Interchange Functional Planning Study includes traffic analysis, concept improvement options, cost estimates and recommendations after two years of research and public consultation.

The total cost estimate for short-term improvements to the University Drive and Scenic Drive interchanges is $23 million. Funding would be considered in future Capital Improvement Programs.

Information about this project is available online at

Media Contact:
Tara Grindle
Corporate Communications, City of Lethbridge