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Winter weather is on the way

Dropping temperatures and possible snow is in the forecast and City of Lethbridge snow crews are ready to mobilize.

Motorists are reminded to adjust their driving for winter road conditions and to remember that as the temperature drops, bridges as well as on-ramps and off-ramps can become slippery. The speed limit on Whoop-Up Drive may be lowered to 60 km/h between Scenic Drive and University Drive in order to reduce collisions and enhance traffic safety. 

With this quick change in weather, we're providing the following reminders for residents:

Winter driving

  • Slow down and drive with care
  • Maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you
  • Stay a safe distance behind snow plows and sand trucks and never pass these vehicles
  • During a snowfall event, initial sanding, salting, and snow plowing efforts will focus on Priority 1 routes, the busiest arterial roads, throughout the city including Whoop-Up Drive, Mayor Magrath Drive and Scenic Drive. The City typically does not plow residential roads unless they are impassible for emergency vehicles and the general public with properly equipped vehicles. All sanding, snow removal and snow plowing routes are available at

Keep hydrants clear

Firefighters can lose precious time searching for, and digging out fire hydrants hiding under the snow. Residents and businesses are strongly encouraged to clear the snow away from fire hydrants near their property, a good deed that could help save a life.

A fire can double in size every 30 seconds so accessing the hydrant quickly is critical. The City of Lethbridge suggests that businesses consider incorporating snow removal around nearby hydrants into their safety programs. Both residents and businesses should clear a path to the hydrant from the road, and within one meter around the hydrant. Snow piles should be removed so the hydrant is easily spotted from the road.

The following video, provided by the Grande Prairie Fire Department, demonstrates how keeping hydrants clear, may save a life:

Snow around your residence

  • Help us keep neighbourhood roads safe by piling snow from driveways or sidewalks onto your property or onto boulevards, not on the road. This will help reduce the ruts that motorists can encounter.
  • If you have elderly neighbours, please be a snow angel and help shovel their sidewalk.

More information on the City's Snow and Ice Control program is available online at:

Supporting Vulnerable Populations

As temperatures start to drop, it is important to be on the alert and provide relief for the most vulnerable, who are at greater risk of exposure to the elements.

Alpha House is taking donations of gently used, warm winter clothing which can be dropped off at the Lethbridge Shelter (802 2 Ave. N) or at City Hall (910 – 4th Ave. S).

This poster provides a list of resources available for those needing support during extreme weather events.