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Employee Intranet

Vote for Your Favourite

We asked you to submit a name for your Intranet. It was to be reflective of our Corporate Pillars, our employees, our community or working in public service. The responses were thoughtful and the decision of the final 3 was a difficult one.

You may ask how we made our decision, well we based it on whether it tied to our Corporate Pillars, was it unique & creative and did it capture what our Intranet was.

As a reminder - each employee will be able to vote only once and voting will be open until midnight on Friday, February 17th, 2012.

After extensive debate and deliberation here are your finalists in the Name Your Intranet Contest:



How does the Contest work?

  • Jan 23 - Feb 1: Submit your name
  • Feb 2 - Feb 14: Submissions are narrowed to 3 finalists
  • Feb 15 - Feb 17: Vote for your favourite finalist
  • Feb 21: The winner is announced

What is the prize?

The winning entry will receive a $150 gift certificate to Ric's Grill (donated by Infusion - intranet development company). If more than one employee submits the winning name a draw will be held on Feb 21 to determine the winner.

Click here for complete contest rules.


Please call Travis Hillier at ext. 4270.