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City Solicitor

Phone: 403 320 3903

​The City Solicitor is the chief legal officer for the City of Lethbridge and oversees the legal representation of the organization and provides guidance to boards and officials that constitute our civic government.  This includes the Mayor, City Council, City boards and commissions, and business units. 

The City Solicitor's Office in on the 6th Floor of City Hall at 910 - 4th Avenue South.

The Office of the City Solicitor facilitates corporate and business unit success through the provision of legal services and guidance.  In addition to furnishing legal guidance to City officials and various business units, the Solicitor also manages all litigation to which the City is a party.  The Solicitor and his staff are responsible for preparing and approving all legal documents including: City contracts, agreements, conveyances, and leases.  They are responsible for the preparation of Bylaws and Amendments for introduction to City Council.

The Solicitors are very active in all aspects of the legal community in Lethbridge.  They are the points of contact on behalf of the City with all communications in this regard.

As the City has a significant land development component, the Office of the City Solicitor acts for the City in all conveyance transactions.
Contact Information:
City of Lethbridge
910 - 4th Avenue South
Lethbridge, Alberta
T1J 0P6
Telephone:  403 320 3903
Fax: 403 320 4195

Shari Shigehiro
Acting City Solicitor

Adam D. Faust

Carol Hauser
Legal Assistant

Yola Gruca
Legal Assistant​

Lenore Gibos
Legal Assistant