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Electric Operations

Phone: 403 320 3940
Email: Please Call

The Electric Operations Department works hard to maintain and upgrade electrical infrastructure throughout the city to ensure that City of Lethbridge residents have power.​

What to do if your power goes out without notice:
Before contacting City of Lethbridge at 403-320-3940 for assistance, find answers to the following questions:

  1. Are your neighbours without power?
  2. Have you checked your main breaker?
  3. Are some of the lights/appliances working in your home?
  4. Do you smell anything unusual?
  5. Did you hear a loud bang in or outside your home?
  6. Did you see a flash of light?
  7. Are there any low hanging wires outside your home?

Turn on your battery operated radio to get information about outages, check out the City of Lethbridge's Twitter page for updates and unplug electronics.

Click here to learn more about what you can do in a power outage.