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Rattlesnake Mitigation Program

Phone: 403-332-6806
The City of Lethbridge operates a rattlesnake mitigation program that is in place to reduce the number of people/pet and snake encounters in Lethbridge.

Each year between April and October, when rattlesnakes are out of hibernation, we contract Ryan Heavyhead, our rattlesnake consultant, to relocate rattlesnakes on public or private property where there is a concern for public safety.

The snakes are relocated from an area of conflict, back to their permanent natural habitat (their den site/wintering/birthing grounds) and away from people/pet conflict.  This process is strictly regulated by Fish & Wildlife and the City of Lethbridge has a research permit to conduct these activities.

Call: 403 332 6806
Alberta Fish and Wildlife: 403 381 5266 or 1 800 642 3800