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ACCESS-A-Ride 25123ACCESS-A-Ride, School Bus, Charters,‚Äč3/12/2019 3:37:34 PM4862
Accounts Payable and Receivable25090Bills, payments, accounts payable and 7:00:08 AM4104
Animal Shelter25092Animal control and shelter, dog licensing, cat and dog adoptions403 320 4099Please call12/3/2018 3:50:35 PM39403
Cemetery Services25097Cemetery inquiries, plots, interment services403 320 3008cemetery@lethbridge.ca3/5/2018 11:48:48 PM4891
City Clerk's Office25098Legislative processes, council meeting agenda and minutes403 320 3822 CityClerk@lethbridge.ca1/14/2019 7:46:52 PM1460
City Council25091City of Lethbridge elected representation403 329 7327council@lethbridge.ca3/5/2018 11:48:49 PM3083
City Hall25099City Hall Information and Services311https://311.lethbridge.ca3/11/2019 7:00:06 AM27007
City Solicitor25101Legal representation and guidance, bylaw preparation and amendments403 320 3903carol.hauser@lethbridge.ca3/1/2019 10:55:01 PM4147
Communications25125Media, Communications and Logos403 320 3913carly.kleisinger@lethbridge.ca3/11/2019 12:15:24 AM3433
Compliments Mailbox2597Leave us a compliment for a job well doneplease use online formcommunications@lethbridge.ca3/12/2019 5:35:01 PM22