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FAQs for Pools Operated by Recreation Excellence

As public health guidelines around COVID-19 continue to evolve, rules and ways of using a facility operated by Recreation Excellence may change. 

> Re-opening of Nicholas Sheran Pool

Below are some answers to common questions:

When does Fall 2020 swim lesson registration start at Nicholas Sheran? When do swim lessons actually start?

  • Registration opens on September 22 at 9 a.m. You can register online or you can call 403-320-3046 or 403-320-3054.
  • We will begin teaching lessons at Nicholas Sheran on September 28.

Are parents allowed to watch swim lessons?
Unfortunately spectators are not permitted at this time due to COVID-19 provincial guidelines. 

  • At Nicholas Sheran, the spectator gallery is in the pool. Because of this, the spectator number counts toward the total number of people permitted by the provincial guidelines. More spectators = less swimmers. 

  • At Stan Siwik, the spectator gallery is separate from the pool area but there are still strict cleaning requirements in place. Recreation Excellence continues to evaluate this area and will make changes when they are able to.

If there isn't a need to book a time spot for open swim, how will capacity be managed? 
Capacity is determined by the size of the pool combined with the physical distancing requirement in the COVID-19 provincial guidelines. For example, the current capacity at Nicholas Sheran is 60 individuals in the main pool area, not including staff. 

Once we reach capacity, visitors will need to wait until someone leaves before being allowed to enter the pool. Visitors can call ahead if this is a concern.

Why can visitors only shower on the way into the pool?
If we allow visitors to shower after swimming then we will need to put longer breaks in between swims in order to complete the cleaning that is done between programs.