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Swim Lessons

Preschool Programs

Take the perfect opportunity for you and your children to experience water fun and water safety together.  Well-trained instructors teach swimming and water safety skills to preschoolers with fun games, songs and mascots.

Watch your children's eyes light up as they learn new skills and are rewarded for their accomplishments. 

Youth Programs

Red Cross Swim Kids teaches more than swimming skills - it allows kids to strive for and reach their personal best.  Well-trained instructors offer a balanced program of swimming and water safety skills that allow youth to learn alongside their peers in a fun and encouraging environment. 

Your children are rewarded along the way with badges, stickers and life-long skills.  For more information please select from one of the lesson schedules below.

Lesson Schedules

Please note that swim lesson registration cannot be done at City Hall.

Private Lessons

Are you a beginner swimmer or do you just need some refining of your strokes?  Group lessons not your style?  Then Private Lessons may be what you are looking for.  We have Private Lessons for all ages.  Contact the following for pricing and details:


Phone Number

Fritz Sick

​403 320 3109

​Nicholas Sheran ​403 320 3046
​Stan Siwik ​403 320 3054
​Westminster Outdoor Public Pool                               
​403 329 3026