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Summer Hours

June to August
Daily | 10:00AM -​ 6​:00PM 

July 1 & 2 | 11:00AM-5:00PM

Deer Exhibit

April 10 - October 19

Discover the common & less common ungulates (deer, elk & moose) that call the Lethbridge river valley home. 

At Our Fingertips 
The hidden world of insects and spiders

An exhibit by Lesley Roy | June 26 - August 26

Discover the complexity and beauty of the tiny creatures that often go unnoticed.

River Valley Exhibit

The state-of-the-art, permanent exhibit is an exciting and immersive experience for visitors of all ages.

 The interactive exhibits feature more than 6 unique indoor and outdoor displays.​

Welcome to the New & Improved!

The newly expanded and renovated Helen Schuler Nature Centre is now OPEN! 
Come check out our new exhibits and explore some of the unique features of our sustainable building.

Want to do more than just a visit? Check out our programs.

Our Transformation

Live Exhibits

Gerry, the Western Toad & Taco-Charlie, a tiger salamander.

In Memoriam 

Peg Leg the Crow

(May 1991 - January 2015) 
It is with sadness we announce the passing of our beloved Peg Leg. 
In nearly 24 years of public service Peg Leg delighted thousands of visitors, helping them to connect with nature while dispelling many myths about crows. She will be greatly missed.

Sophie the Snake

(July 2007 - May 2018) 
It is with sadness we announce the passing of our beloved Sophie the snake. Sophie was a dedicated public servant for 10 years and helped to foster a community of environmentally aware and responsible citizens. She delighted thousands of visitors, helping them to connect with their natural heritage
while dispelling many myths about snakes.