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Recreation and Culture Fee Assistance Program

Launched in November 2015, the City of Lethbridge is excited to announce a Fee Assistance program for residents who face financial barriers to participating in recreational and cultural opportunities.

Each qualifying individual can receive up to $150 for one activity in the spring, and one activity in the fall, offered by a local organization providing recreational and cultural programming and/or memberships.

Individuals who live in the city, and who qualify, can apply to the program by doing the following:

1. Review (and print if possible) the application form found here

2. Research programs/facilities of interest.  This can be done with the assistance of City staff at the meeting, as well.

3. Set up a meeting with City of Lethbridge staff by calling or texting Lori at 403.360.1720 or emailing

4. Bring the completed application (if unable to print, applications can be filled out at the meeting), along with required documentation (proof of household gross income and proof of residency) outlined in the application

Funding will be provided until budgeted funds are used up in any given year.

Funding can be combined with Kidsport and/or Jumpstart for programs, as well as Comrie's Sports Equipment Bank and individuals that qualify.