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Adopt-A-Park provides opportunities for volunteers to improve the appearance of community parks by participating in light maintenance duties.

You will find that Adopt-A-Park is fun, simple and sociable. It gives you the opportunity to get together with friends and neighbours to help keep your local park looking clean and well cared for.

What You Can Do

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Thank you for your assistance. It is your valuable efforts that make Adopt-A-Park a success!

There are no specific time commitments for Adopt-a-Park. Some neighborhood residents spend a few minutes each day in parks near their homes, some volunteers do weekly activities, some spend only a few days a year, and some even only come out once a year. There is a meaningful task available no matter what your time commitment can be. We can help you decide on an activity that is right for you.

Spring or Fall Cleanup

A once a year cleanup of a park in the spring including litter and/or leaf raking.

Litter Control

Litter pickup is the first step in more ambitious projects. Although collecting litter isn't glamorous, results are dramatic. Sometimes it's all the park needs. Involve as many volunteers as you can.

Doggie Bag Dispensers

One of the most popular activities for volunteers is the stocking of doggie bag dispensers as it is a valued service for both dog owners and non-dog owners. It is a commitment that helps keep our parks clean. There are several park areas that house doggie bag dispensers, and we can help with picking one that's right for you.

Off-leash Dog Run Clean-Ups

A new opportunity for volunteers perfect for large groups or associations. Dog runs rely heavily on dog owners to clean-up after their dogs and keep the runs properly clean. As most runs have regular users, there is to some degree, peer pressure to maintain such cleanliness. Conducting an extra cleanup or blitz ensures healthy pets and a clean environment.

Weed Control

Weedy areas can be an eyesore. Hand pulling or cultivating of any weeds in open areas, shrub beds, flower beds and shale walkways can really spruce up a park.

If you have a large group of volunteers who enjoy the river valley, we have weeds that pose a serious threat and must be eradicated.

Shrub Bed Maintenance

A well-defined edge should be maintained, free of weeds, paper and debris. The surface area should be hand cultivated if not mulched. If mulched, weeds should be hand pulled.

Flower Bed Maintenance

The adoption of a flower bed can be quite a good experience for adults as well as children. A well-defined edge that is weed free, watered, cultivated and dead-headed is very desirable.

Playground Maintenance

Visual inspection of play equipment, headers, surrounding pathways, benches, garbage receptacles, and checking for broken or damaged equipment or other amenities. Reporting damage as soon as possible.

For more information

Report a problem like graffiti or garbage
Online: Submit a service request
Phone: 311 or 403-320-3111 (if outside of Lethbridge)