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Off-Leash Dog Areas

Enjoy some off-leash time with your dog at one of Lethbridge's four off-leash areas. In these areas dogs are permitted to be off-leash while under the control of their owner. 

If you have not already visited these areas with your dog, please check them out - they are worth the trip!

Note: Rattlesnakes may be present in river valley parks from spring to fall, especially west side areas. Encounters are uncommon but if your dog has been bitten, contact a veterinarian immediately. 

Off-Leash Area Rules

  • Dogs must be on-leash in all public spaces in Lethbridge unless in one of the off-leash areas, as shown on the map below.
  • Before going to an off-leash area ensure your dog is well behaved around pets and people. The behaviour of your dog is your responsibility. Keep your dog under control at all times.
  • You are responsible for respecting the safety of others in dog parks. 
  • Off-leash areas are located within shared park spaces. To avoid conflicts with other site users, keep dogs on a leash until you are past the marker signs.
  • Clean up after your dog.
  • Learn more about the Dog Control Bylaw

South Lethbridge

Scenic Drive Dog Run
Located off of Scenic Drive South at 11 Avenue South. This park is also great for runners and hikers using the coulees to provide a challenge, please be courteous to all park users.

The Scenic Drive Dog Run is an off-leash dog area located on the south side of Scenic Drive South. The off-leash park starts at the parking lot and heads down into the coulees with a 2 km limestone pathway loop that provide a workout for both dog and owner.

North Lethbridge 

Peenaquim Park Off-Leash Area
Located at the north end of Peenaquim park, at the base of the coulees.
Dogs and dog owners can choose to enjoy a fenced off-leash training area in the Peenaquim Park Off-Leash Dog Park. This off-leash training area is for socializing young dogs and others that may not be ready for being off-leash. The area is small so be sure to be conscious about the number of dogs prior to entering. Dogs and owners can also enjoy 2 km of limestone pathway off leash along the rivers edge. Peenaquim is a large park with many activities, please be courteous to all park users. 

North Lethbridge 

Opening in 2022!

Located at Stafford Dr. and Scenic Dr. North

West Lethbridge 

Popson Park Off-Leash Dog Area
Located in Popson Park between the boat launch and the picnic shelter. Popson is a park with appeal to many different activities, please be courteous to all users. 
Popson off-leash dog area sports 2 km of limestone pathways in its over 50 acres of river valley park space. There is easy access to the river for your pooch to take a dip to cool off and to enjoy the scenic views of the coulee faces.

RiverStone Dog Park
Located at the southernmost entrance to RiverStone, at the corner of University Drive West and RiverGlen Link West.

The park is 2.77 acres of which approximately 1.5 acres are a fenced, off-leash area for dogs. Amenities include play equipment for dogs, water fountains for people and dogs to quench their thirst, accessible seating areas and pathways, doggie bag dispensers and a dedicated parking lot. RiverStone Dog Park is constructed in a dry storm water retention facility and may flood during heavy rain events.


*Please note that the Riverstone Dog Park may be closed during heavy rain or snow melt events to mitigate damage to the grass and pathways. Thank you for your patience!*

Doggie Bag Dispensers

The stocking of doggie bag dispensers is a valued service for both dog owners and non-dog owners, and works because of our many valued volunteers.  Community volunteers ensure that the dispensers are stocked for all to use.  It is a commitment that helps keep our parks clean and disease-free.  While our parks staff do their best to stock the dispensers as well, it is difficult to get to them all on a regular basis.
There are several areas that house doggie bag dispensers.  Is there one near your house?  Do you walk by it every day? Would you like to volunteer to fill the dispenser? We provide the key, and the supply of bags along with our sincerest thanks for helping keep our parks clean! Visit our Adopt A Park page for more information.

Please report unattended dogs to the Lethbridge Animal Shelter at 403 320 4099.  Click here for info on Doggie Bag Dispensers.