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Fitness Classes In Parks

If you are looking to host outdoor fitness events or classes within City of Lethbridge parks, parkland or open green space please review the following information:

  1. You must have a valid City of Lethbridge business license and insurance.
  2. Money cannot be exchanged in the parks as per the Parks Bylaw, all fees for the classes must be paid for online or at a licensed place of business.
  3. Lethbridge has a great variety of parks to enjoy. Space in the parks is not reserved for fitness events and must be shared with other users.
  4. Events with permits (Ex. weddings) take priority.
  5. Classes must not block or impede pathways from regular public use.
  6. Spaces are first come first serve.
  7. Any music must be self-powered – plug ins are not available – and played at reasonable volumes. 
  8. Current COVID19 regulations must be followed – including physical distancing and sanitization measures when applicable.

Activity planned within River Valley Parks must also follow these rules:

  • Avoid trampling/flattening native plant populations – damage is irreparable. 
  • Activity must occur on existing trails or established pathways.
  • Do not remove, harass or disturb wildlife, including nesting birds.
  • All trash and equipment must be removed after each activity. 
  • Within the Lethbridge River Valley there are 12 parks. Each offers different recreation and leisure opportunities. Activities should be compatible with the natural environment(s) they are occurring in.
    • To ensure that long term biodiversity, ecology, conservation and cultural heritage goals can be met, river valley parks have been categorized into land use types or park classifications (examples: Preservation Area Parks and Natural Area Parks)

Coulee slopes are extremely susceptible to long-term damage from erosion, soil compaction and the spread of invasive plants and weed species.

    • Impact to slopes is magnified in wet soil conditions.
    • Activities that damage coulee plants and their root systems create long-lasting ecological concerns.
    • Activities such as dragging tires up and down the coulee slopes is highly discouraged to protect the slopes from erosion.

If you are planning to hold your outdoor fitness class in one of the river valley parks, please submit a brief outline of the planned activity, date(s) and river valley location. We will work with you to ensure the activities do not negatively impact this space. Plans must be submitted to: