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Lethbridge Has a Great Variety of Parks to Enjoy

Pocket Parks - are very small parks designed for those living nearby and focus on passive recreation and aesthetic appeal that can accommodate a wide variety of users. (Size: .05 to .8 hectares)
Examples: Stafford Court Park, Tudor Tot Lot, and Willow Pointe Park 

Neighborhood Parks – are medium-sized parks designed for the nearby community and focus on more dominant activities with primary users being families and children. (Size: .8 to 5.5 hectares)
Examples: Kodiak Park, Gyro Park, and Columbia Park 

Community Core Parks – are large core parks designed to meet the needs of a more broad community area. They accommodate large group activities or formal gatherings, community events and temporary festival spaces. (Size: 5.5 hectares and larger)
Examples: Chinook Lake Park, Fairmont Lake Park, and West Highlands Park 

Regional Parks – are very large-scale parks that provide major recreational facilities not found in other city parks. These parks could be a destination or attraction for visitors and tourists with unique areas for specialty sports, concerts or festival areas.
Examples: Henderson Lake Park, Nicholas Sheran Park and Legacy Park 

Natural Parks – are river valley parks developed and maintained to contribute to the aesthetic of the city by retaining or enhancing natural features, mature landscapes and native vegetation while also providing natural areas for wildlife habitats. Currently includes preservation areas.
Examples: Pavan Park, Indian Battle Park, and Popson Park
Preservation Areas Examples: Alexander Wilderness Park, Elizabeth Hall Wetlands, and Cottonwood Park 

Downtown Core Park – are parks located downtown with focal points providing a setting for social and passive recreation, public events and festivals.
Example: Galt Gardens Park 

School Grounds – are areas that meet the community's active recreation needs and provide expanded play areas for neighborhood schools.
Examples: Galbraith School, Agnes Davidson School, and Mike Mountain Horse School 

Linear Parks – are green strips that contribute to pedestrian and bicycle circulation through the city. They may also act as buffers, providing visual screening and noise reduction.
Examples: 28 Street North Buffer, Lakeview Green Strip, and Heritage Park Green Strip 

Special Use Parks – are areas that respond to distinctive and unique community needs. Special use parks may include: