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Parks Maintenance and Operations

​Maintaining Our Parks

The City of Lethbridge is home to almost 3000 hectares of total parks and green space, this includes our expansive river valley parks as well as all manicured boulevards, roadside buffers, parks and school fields. Of this 3000, Parks Operations mow and maintain approximately 900 hectares of green space. 

May and June are the most challenging maintenance months when ideal growth conditions and heavy rainfall tend to impede our ability to get out and mow without damaging the wet turf. Residents may notice longer grass in September and October as summer crews transition to winter operations. Irrigation shutdown also starts in September.

Irrigated Turf Mowing

More than 420 hectares of neighbourhood parks and several publicly owned or operated facilities such as libraries, arenas or pools are landscaped with irrigated grass space. Our crews work hard to keep these areas well-kept and user friendly. Please note: not all irrigated areas may be maintained on the same schedule due to use.

  • Most parks are mowed weekly at a height of 2.5 inches.
  • High use sports fields are mowed twice a week or as needed.
  • Trimming will be done 1-2 times during the season.
  • Litter control is done prior to mowing.

Dryland Mowing

Many medians, roadsides and buffer areas of green space throughout the city are not irrigated, and therefore are subject to a different maintenance schedule than irrigated parks.

  • Dryland grass is mowed 1-2 times per year. Priority will be given to fire breaks, along pathways and fence lines and along roadways where grass may inhibit sightlines for motorists
  • Trimming is done after mowing is completed.
  • Litter control is done prior to mowing.


Pesticide Application

  • Par III herbicide is currently applied to irrigated turf to control thistles and other broadleaf weeds on a 3 year rotating schedule, corresponding with the 3 sides of Lethbridge: south, west and north.
  • Glyphosate (i.e. Roundup) is used sparingly and only as needed to control vegetation in unwanted areas including pathway cracks, alleys, fence lines and shrub beds.

More Operations Information

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Report a problem like graffiti or garbage
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