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New in Parks

Cottonwood Park Pathway Upgrade

The pathways, stairs and parking lot in this awesome river valley park have been upgraded! Check it out, but please remember the rules of the nature reserve. 

Assiniboia Playground Replacement

This popular park along Jerry Potts Blvd W had its playground and play surface replaced in late 2019. Come check out the new play equipment! 

Riverstone Dog Park

The much anticipated dog park complete with fountains for Fido was recently finished. Please play by the rules and enjoy this new addition to Lethbridge's dog parks. Please note that due to the parks slopes and drainage, the park may be closed during some parts of the year to ensure the safety of all users and integrity of the parks vegetation. 

Watermark Park

Watermark Park, with joint-use of Senator Joyce Fairbairn Middle School is home to some amazing amenities including a skateboard plaza, climbing structures, BMX pump track and so much more. For more information, click here.

Goats for Targeted Grazing

In fall of 2018, the City of Lethbridge Parks department began a program to include targeted grazing in the river valley as a method for vegetation management, including reduction of brush volume as well as invasive weed control. The project will continue through 2022. 

For more information, click here.