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Official Parks Playoffs

​Voting is available on our City of Lethbridge social media channels so make sure you check back regularly.





Coming out of the Downtown bracket as the #2 seed, the winner of the inaugural OPP Cup is INDIAN BATTLE PARK! Congratulations to IBP on this incredible run through the Official Parks Playoffs. In the Championship Round, Indian Battle outscored Henderson Park by a score of 518-340, carrying 60% of the matchup's vote. 

This one was a close battle throughout so, as Warner Wolf* used to say, "Let's go to the video tape." After day one, the two parks were locked in a dead heat with both scoring 114 votes. As the weekend progressed, it looked like Henderson was going to walk away with the contest, bringing in a consistent flow of votes. However, a second half surge propelled Indian Battle into the lead and they never looked back. Facebook voters clearly favored the eventual champs as that platform carried the day for the winning park, while Instagram showed a fairly even split. In all likelihood, Henderson will lobby for only Twitter voting next year as those users clearly favored the South region stalwart. Voting platforms aside, both parks, as well as the league office, would like to thank everyone who submitted their choices throughout the playoffs. It was fun to follow along. A final congrats to 2022's OPP champion, INDIAN BATTLE PARK! We'll see you all again in 2023!

*Warner Wolf was a New York sports newscaster in the 1980s. His favorite saying was, "Let's go the video tape." He's on You Tube. Check out Warner Wolf's Plays of the Week. Go ahead, it's legit!