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Pest Management

Updated March 2022
The City of Lethbridge places strong emphasis on strategies to reduce chemical use and have adopted and implemented Integrated Pest Management programs and techniques to help control pests such as fungus, insects and invasive vegetation that threaten our urban forest and park spaces. 

The Parks department continues to address pest management concerns and methods based on long-term objectives, environmental impact, human health and exposure concerns.

What is Integrated Pest Management (IPM)?

IPM is the balanced use of all available pest control methods. This includes combining approved chemicals and microbes, biological controls, and maintenance techniques. All available methods of prevention and control are utilized to prevent reaching damaging levels of pest infestation while minimizing chemical usage where possible.

A successful IPM program requires knowledgeable staff, a written plan, extensive monitoring of pest activity, appropriate cultural practices, accurate record keeping and being up to date on the most current information in regards to chemicals, insects, biological controls, plant diseases and weeds as well as recommended schedules, rates and applications.

More Information and Specific Links

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 Box Elder Beetles

Target Grazing


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