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Soccer and Rugby Fields

Lethbridge has more than 75 soccer and rugby fields at over 35 locations throughout the city. The following is a list of where you can find these fields or click here to view the locations of the fields on our interactive map

Non-scheduled play on many of these fields is permitted as long as no scheduled play is happening. Click here for information on how to book one of these fields. 

North Side Soccer & Rugby Fields

​Park Name ​Location ​Number of Fields
Dave Elton Park 622 Stafford Drive North​ ​1 Regulation Field
Galbraith School Park ​1801 - 8A Avenue North ​4 Mini/Mid Fields
Immanuel Christian School Park ​2010 - 5th Avenue North ​1 Mini Field
Lethbridge Rugby Club​ ​3305 - 9th Avenue North ​1 Rugby Field
Lethbridge Sports Park 2801 - 30th Avenue North​ ​6 Regulation Fields
Palliser Park​ 2803 - 9th Avenue North​ ​2 Mini Fields
Park Meadows School Park​ ​50 Meadowlark Blvd North ​3 Mini Fields
Senator Buchanan School Park ​1101 - 7th Avenue North ​1 Mini Field
1 Mid Field
St. Basil's School Park​ 620 - 12B Street North​ ​2 Mini Fields
Westminster School Park ​402 - 18th Street North ​1 Mini Field
Wilson Middle School Park​ ​2003 - 9th Avenue North ​3 Regulation Fields
Winston Churchill Development ​1900 - 18th Avenue North ​2 Regulation Fields
Winston Churchill School Park ​1605 - 15th Avenue North 1 Regulation Field
1 Football/Soccer Field​

South Side Soccer & Rugby Fields

​Park Name ​Location ​Number of Fields
Agnes Davidson School Park ​2103 - 20th Street South ​1 Mini Field
1 Mid Field
Catholic Central School Park ​405 - 18th Street South ​2 Mini Fields
Civic Centre​ Park ​6th Ave & 11th St S ​1 Regulation Field
Ecole La Verendrye Park ​2104 - 6th Avenue South ​1 Regulation Field
Fleetwood Bawden School Park ​1222 - 9th Avenue South ​2 Mini Fields
Gilbert Paterson School Park ​2109 - 12th Avenue South ​2 Mini/Mid Fields
Lakeview Park 3101 Lakeridge Blvd South​ ​1 Mini Field
1 Mid Field
Lethbridge Collegiate Institute (LCI) Park 1701 - 5th Avenue South​ ​2 Mid Fields
Our Lady of Assumption School Park ​2219 - 14thAvenue South ​2 Mini Fields
Redwood Park 3605 Spruce Drive South​ ​3 Mini Fields
​St. Patrick School Park ​1013 - 8th Street South ​1 Mini Field

West Side Soccer & Rugby Fields

​Park Name ​Location ​Number of Fields
Atso Towaawa Park 199 Jerry Potts Blvd West​ ​1 Regulation Field
Children of St. Martha's School Park ​206 McMaster Blvd West ​2 Mini/Mid Fields
Crossings Park 259 Britannia Blvd West​ ​7 Regulation Fields
Father Leonard Van Tighem School Park ​25 Stoney Crescent West ​2 Mini Fields
Gerald Probe School Park ​120 Rocky Mountain Blvd West ​1 Mini Field
Mike Mountain Horse School Park ​155 Jerry Potts Blvd West ​3 Mini Fields
Nicholas Sheran School Park ​380 Laval Blvd West ​1 Regulation Field
Rutgers Park 550 Columbia Blvd West​ ​2 Mini Fields

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