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Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor Weddings

Special Event permits are required to book parkland for wedding ceremonies and photographs. 

Special Event permits take precedence over unbooked activity and provide a method of coordinating access for special occasions in parkland.

Knowledge of events allows for the rescheduling of mowing, watering and other work crews to prevent interference with your event.

The permits grant priority use for unserviced parkland.  Request for additional services – e.g., electricity (if available at site), will be charged for based on the request.

Recommendation:  Visit the site while you are planning the event to ensure your plans are achievable at the site.  Ensure an organizer arrives prior to the event and has the permit to present to the unbooked user, if necessary.

A draw is held on November 1st of each year for all dates the following year.  After November 1st, sites can be booked on a first come first served basis for the following year, based on what is available.

For information, and to book space, call 403 320 3020.