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Event Rental and Permit Information

Any event taking place on or in City of Lethbridge roadways or public land (such as parks) is registered through Recreation & Culture. Examples of special events are rallies, walks/runs, fundraisers, car shows, block parties, road closures, etc.

Recreation & Culture 403-320-3011 or

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a permit?

  • Use of public land in an organized fashion can obtain a permit
  • Weddings, festivals, parades, fundraisers, races, etc. are examples of a special event
  • By obtaining a permit the group ensures the space is available to them and there will be limited obstacles during their event (mowing, sprinklers, etc.)

What are the insurance requirements and where do I obtain insurance?

  • An insurance policy of no less than two million dollars that includes a “Cross Liability Clause” naming the City of Lethbridge as an additional insured
  • Obtain your insurance from an insurance broker of your choosing

Where do I get a permit?

  • A permit is issued by contacting Recreation & Culture
  • Application form submissions are recommended at least one month prior to the event
  • The application form will start the approval process

What happens once I submit an application form?

  • The application form will be checked for date and location availability
  • More complex applications may require approval from multiple departments and could take 2 – 4 weeks
  • Once approved a copy of the permit will be sent to the applicant. If more details are required the applicant will be contacted and a meeting will be set up with all parties involved

How long does the approval process take?

  • Depending upon the complexity of the event approvals can take a minimum of  2 weeks
  • For major events the planning process can take several months for all parties involved
  • Ensure you allow enough time when submitting your application form

Where do I obtain a liquor permit?

  • Most liquor permits can be obtained through any liquor store
  • Special event liquor permits (beer gardens) are obtained from the Alberta Liquor Control Board

What happens if someone else requests the same date & location as I do?

  • Events that happened previously take priority for date and location
  • If both events are new a meeting will be set up with all parties involved to try to accommodate all needs
  • At this time only one event will be approved in a specific location at the same time

Who do I call after hours if I need help with my event?

  • Special event onsite staff 403-315-4215 or 403-393-7983