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Animal Welfare Committee

​The purpose of the Animal Welfare Committee is to act as an Advisory Committee to City Council on issues relating to abandoned and feral animals in the City.

Members of the Animal Welfare Committee

​ Role​Name
​City Council Member​Mayor Chris Spearman
​City Council Member (Chair)​Councillor Rob Miyashiro
​Lethbridge & District Humane Society​Barb Grodzicky
​No-Kill Animal Association (NOKA)​Jane Nygaard
​Windy City Canine Rescue​Bobbi Davis
​Member at Large​Cenz Rossi
​Member at Large​Susan St. Croix
Member at Large​Em M. Pijl-Zieber
​Member at Large​Tia White
​​Member at Large​Rod McFarlane

What Do We Do?

  • Oversee the pilot project designed to determine best practices for the management of feral cat colonies
  • Oversee the application process for the non-veterinarian funding program for animal rescue groups
  • Forward information and recommendations to City Council

Grant funding

Funding for animal rescue organizations

The purpose of the grant funding is to provide Lethbridge-based animal rescue organizations with financial assistance for non-veterinary costs.

Available funds: $10,000 per year for the 2019 - 2022 budget cycle
Initiative: N-86


  1. Funding under this program is limited to $5,000 per organization per year.
  2. Funding will not be provided for costs related to veterinary care, including, but not limited to:
    • emergency veterinary care;
    • spay/neuter services;
    • vaccinations.
  3. Funding is intended to assist with costs related to the care of animals, including, but not limited to:
    • food;
    • shelter structures;
    • litter and litter pans;
    • blankets;
    • toys;
    • fans/heaters;
    • leashes and collars.

Funding to manage feral cat colonies

The purpose of this grant funding is to help community members manage existing feral cat colonies.

Available funds: $10,000 per year for the 2019 - 2022 budget cycle
The Animal Welfare Committee has already approved an application to a community member for the amount of $2,805.00 to address such things as: Spay/Neuter, Food, Medicine/vet care
Initiative: N-87

Spay and neuter program

The City provides No Kill Animal Association (NOKA) $45,000 funding annually. NOKA provides a low cost spay and neuter program for the citizens of Lethbridge. This funding has been approved from 2019-2022.

Past Non-Veterinarian grant funding

Below is a detailed breakdown of the Non Veterinarian Grant Funding distributed to the rescue organizations who applied for funding from 2015-2019.

​Rescue Organization​Amount​Date​Description
​Humane Society​$4,928.00​July 2016​3 outdoor flood lights
​Humane Society #2​$4,881.45​August 2017​Floor scrubber and cat cozzy houses
​Windy City​$4,230.00​July 2016​Food and treats
​Paw Society​$5,000.00​July 2016​Food, litter, supplements, cat posts, beds, grooming tools, litter boxes
​Last Chance Cat Ranch​$5,000.00​May 2017​Food, litter, cat furnishings, cleaning supplies
​No Kill Animal Association (NOKA)​$5,000.00​July 2016​Food, supplements, litter and litter boxes, grooming supplies
​NOKA #2​$3,000.00​July 2017​Food, bedding, litter, grooming supplies, fuel (transportation)
​Windy City #2​$4,982.00​December 2017​Cargo kennels, crate mats, beds, leashes and collars, food, treats
​NOKA #3​$711.00​July 2018​Food, husbandry products, furnishings, litter, fuel


For more information:
Sheri Merchant
403 320 3169