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Adopting a Pet from the Shelter


Adopting a dog or cat is a great way to help a dog or cat in need of a home. If you are unsure about adoption, we encourage you to visit us and meet the animals available. A first impression can mean a lot, but a dog or cat in a kennel isn't always the best way to see if that pet is a good fit for you or your family. Why not take the pet for a walk or just play with them and see how you mesh. (Please note that someone over 18 must be present to walk a dog.) 

Some breeds might be more of a fit for certain lifestyles than others, so be sure to check out information that the Animal Shelter can provide you with. You can also take a cat or dog home for a weekend or a week just to see how life would be with a new addition in your home. If you can’t find the pet you’re looking for, don’t be discouraged. There are many other rescue organizations in the city that might have just what you’re looking for. ​

Homes Alive Socialization Room

Our Homes Alive Socialization room has a couch, a book shelf, treats and even some pet inspired artwork on the walls.  This room was created so that volunteers and potential adoptees can spend time with​ our dogs and cats in a comfortable setting.  If you and your kids just want to cuddle with a cat on a cold winter day, we have books as well.  Cats will love the company and your kids can practice reading!

When Dogs or Cats Come into our Care

When dogs or cats come into our care, they are  first checked for injuries. If they are injured, they are brought to a vet for a more thorough check up.

If while checking for injuries we see that the animals is in discomfort (matted hair, fleas and etc.) we will groom the pet accordingly.

From there, we check for any type of ID the cat or dog might have like a collar, microchip, city license, rabies tag etc. If we have enough information,  we will do everything we can to get in contact with the owner of the animal.  Our main goal is to see that animal returned to its owners.

Next, we will check our records to see if someone has called us for a missing pet and contact them if  the dog or cat matches the description. 

If the animal is not claimed within 72 hours and doesn’t have ID, it is put up for adoption. If the animal has ID, we will wait two weeks for the owners to claim the pet and then put it up for adoption.

Just before animals are put up for adoption, they are microchipped and also vaccinated and dewormed if needed. (Note: They might be vaccinated or dewormed sooner based on need.) 

For cases of animal neglect or abuse, please call the Alberta SPCA at 1 800 455 9003 or click here for​ ​more information. ​