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Animal Care & Control Officers

​​dog-animal-care-and-control.jpgWhat do Animal Care & Control Officers do?

Our team of officers works​ year round to ensure both residents and pets can live happily and safely together within the city. Officers do everything from picking up stray dogs, investigating animal bylaw complaints​, helping resolve neighbour issues related to pets and handling dangerous dogs. Officers also spend their shifts patrolling parks, green spaces and public areas to enforce the dog bylaw and educate residents on responsible pet ownership. Officers work closely with other organizations including police, emergency services and the SPCA to ensure public safety as well as animal welfare. 

While on patrol, officers are able to access City information through their mobile computers including dog licensing details, which allows us to get lost pets home as fast as possible. 

If you see a dead cat or dog that requires pick up, please call 403-320-4099.  Each pet will be checked for identification and owners will be notified where possible.

SPD Animal Services does not have the authority to respond to cases of animal neglect or abuse.  Please call the Alberta SPCA at 1 800 455 9003 or click here for​ ​more information. ​​​

To file a bylaw complaint, or to​​​ speak with a Care & Control Officer, call 403-320-4099.