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Licensing Your Pet

​​​We do everything we can to return lost pets to their families.  Licensed pets, however, have a much better chance of being returned to their owners.
If a dog  or cat is not wearing a license it makes it very difficult to locate the owner.  If no one claims the dog or cat within 72 hours the animal becomes eligible for adoption to a new, caring family.  If you find a lost dog or cat or want to adopt one,  please phone us at 403 320 4099 or click here to view the current pets for adoption.

Why do I license my dog with the City of Lethbridge? 

Here are a few good reasons why:
  1. It is the law and is less expensive than being caught without a license and having to pay a fine.
  2. If your dog goes missing, there is a greater chance to be reunited.
  3. If we find your dog and it is injured and needs special medical attention, you can be notified immediately for the best care possible.
  4. If your dog goes missing and is picked up by an Animal Control Officer, he/she will get a free ride home the first time or a ‘freebie’ if he/she ends up visiting us in the Shelter.
  5. If your dog is licensed and ends up in the Shelter, it has a longer holding period than if not licensed with the City of Lethbridge. (10 days hold period rather than three for unlicensed dogs).
  6. Licensing your dog allows for the City of Lethbridge to know how many dogs are in the city and what the needs may be.
All dogs six months or older must be licensed.  You can pay your annual license fee onli​​ne​​, by mail, in person or at a City of Lethbridge depository.  For more information, phone us at 403 320 4099.

How much is it to license my dog per year?

$50.00 – Not fixed and no microchip or tattoo (ID)
$45.00 – Not fixed but has either a microchip and/or tattoo
$25.00 – Fixed but no microchip or tattoo
$20.00 – Fixed and has a microchip and/or tattoo
Only 2 dogs are allowed in a household at one time without the purchase of a Fancier’s License.
$20.00 – Fancier’s License (per year) 

Residents wanting to submit a photo of their pet to be attached to their dog license file can email or​​ ​with the following information:

  • JPEG photo of your pet

  • Account number (can be found on license renewal invoice or by calling 403-320-4099)

  • Name of dog or cat​

​This means that if a pet is lost, he or she can be identified visually by an Animal Control Officer by referencing the photo on the account.​

Dog Fancier's License

Only two dogs are allowed in a household at one time without a Dog Fancier's License. If you would like to apply to have more than two dogs in your household, the online form to apply for this license is available here. 
If you own two dogs or less, you can obtain City licenses at the Lethbridge Animal Shelter or on the 1st floor of City Hall at 910 4th Avenue South.

Cat Licenses

The City of Lethbridge offers a one time $10.00 fee for a cat license.  This license assists in identifying your cat and getting him/her home if lost. Cat licenses can be purchased at the Shelter or at City Hall.

Where do the collected license fees go?

  1. Helps support the Shelter so that we can help you reconnect with your dog.
  2. Helps ensure that lost and stray animals have a safe place to be until the owners or a new home can be found.
  3. Helps with public education programs.
  4. Helps with maintaining the dog parks around the City of Lethbridge.
  5. Help with the cost of running the Animal Shelter.
If there is a change in your account, please notify us at 403 320 3074 (address change or change in ownership of dog).