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Calming Shelter Music

​​dog_music-calming.jpg​​The Lethbridge Animal Shelter supports Through a Dog's Ear Shelter/Rescue Program to play clinically-tested psychoacoustic music for both the dogs and cats in our care.  There are separate sound systems for both the cat and dog rooms in the shelter. 



About the Music

"The 2002 research of noted animal behaviorist, Deborah Wells, Ph.D. (Belfast, N. Ireland), proved that classical music had the strongest relaxation effect on shelter dogs when compared to other musical styles.

The research results of Dr. Susan Wagner's Through a Dog's Ear study (2004-05), conducted with 150 dogs, showed that the psychoacoustically designed classical piano arrangements on these CDs induced calmness in 70 percent of dogs in shelters or kennels and 85 percent of dogs in households. Based on these findings and our love of dogs, we believe that this music, and other appropriate soundtracks, should be in available for free in every shelter."

When you visit the shelter, you will notice the music playing quietly for both the cats and dogs in our care to enjoy.