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​​​​Volunteering is a good way to feel great!

Cat-volunteering.jpgWe are always looking for animal lovers to volunteer.  Whether you have time daily, weekly or monthly, the animals are always happy to see you.  Just pop in anytime we are open!

If you want to cuddle the cats or take the dogs for walks, the attention and exercise are always appreciated by the pets in our care.  They might even thank you with a tail wag or some kisses!


If you're a student who is missing the comfort of home or your family pet​, come cuddle with one of our furry friends!   Stressed about exams?  There's a dog or cat that can help with that!


Do you have kids who love to read or are learning to read?  Why not bring them to the Shelter!  Our Homes Alive socialization room has a couch and many of our cats would love to cuddle or listen to a good book!

To learn more about volunteering at the Lethbridge Animal Shelter, give us a call at 403-320-4099 or come for a visit!