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Job Search Tips

Where to start:

  • Using the Career Opportunities page on or our intranet, search for open postings
  • Look for a job that… meets your skills & experience and excites you!
  • Don't miss an opportunity - create a 'job alert', you will then be notified if a job posting is placed that matches your requirements

Tips for your Resume:

  • Upload your resume into the City's online recruitment system and let our resume extractor populate the application form for you! You can then edit any of your details.
    • Our preference is for your resume to be in Word


Basic Resume Guidelines:

  • Focus on how you believe you fit in our organization. Think about what a career in public service means to you and what you can bring to the role.
  • Ensure your resume is accurate, up to date and well organized.
  • Your resume should accurately reflect your academic achievements and accomplishments (be prepared to provide certificates/proof of your qualifications)


Work Experience

  • You may be fresh out of college/university or have substantial work. Either way, we want to know what skills you've acquired along the way.
  • List your work experience in chronological order – most recent job first.
  • Include your job title, dates you worked there and a brief summary of the role.
  • Think about how your experience relates to the job you're applying for.


Other Resume Information:

  • Keep it simple.
  • Don't include personal information such as date of birth, immigration status etc.
  • Tell us what makes you unique! We're looking to see what makes you stand out from other applicants, make sure you highlight why you're the best candidate for the job.



  • We will only contact references as part of the interview process, so you don't need to provide reference details with your application.
  • However, if you have letters of recommendation that support your application, feel free to attach a copy.