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Field of Honour

Interments for Veterans & RCMP Veterans

Veterans, RCMP Veterans and their spouses are allowed to be interred in a special section within our cemetery at a reduced plot cost, check the Fee Schedule for actual dollars.

The veteran’s name and service number must be provided. There is a specific form to be completed at the time of the request; this is most often done by the funeral director.

The ashes (or a casket in the new Block 30 Double Depth only lot) of a spouse of a veteran may be interred with the veteran provided that the veteran is interred first (basically plot eligibility is determined by the veteran only).


Some Things You Might Like to Know

  • Phone Number for the Royal Canadian Legion in Lethbridge is 403 327 6644. Staff can often provide service numbers and confirm eligibility for Veterans plots.
  •  Designated FOH Sections include the fenced IOOF Enclosure in Block B, Block 4, Block 16 (includes single casket and cremation only plots) & Block 30 (includes single casket, double depth casket and cremation only plots).
  • Designated RCMP Section is Block 4, Lot 4A – the west row is single casket plots and the east row has been divided to allow for two rows of cremation plots.
  • The Canadian Flag is raised in the appropriate Field of Honour Section on the day of interment – and flown at half mast.
  • Hold plots are allowed next to the spouse of a veteran if both service numbers are provided; the hold plot cannot be paid for until the time of need.
  • Plots cannot be purchased in advance as plots are opened in date of death sequence unless the interment is for a veteran spouse and we have a hold plot designated.
  • Two sets of ashes are allowed in one single cremation plot in the Field of Honour, provided that the veteran’s ashes are interred first.
  • One Casket and one set of ashes are allowed in one single plot in the Field of Honour as long as the veteran’s ashes or casket are interred first.
  • Two Caskets are allowed in one double depth plot in the Field of Honour as long as the veteran’s casket is interred first.
  • Monuments and vases must comply with the approved Field of Honour/RCMP specifications.
  • Possible Financial Assistance may be available Last Post Fund - Alberta Branch