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In the Fall & Winter

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Winter Gate Hours come into effect October 1st each year.

Vehicle gates are still open at 8:00 a.m. but are now locked at 6:00 p.m.

Click here and Scroll Down to Gate Hours specific to each cemetery. 




In accordance with the Cemetery Bylaw:

  • Floral arrangements placed on a grave at the time of burial will be left in place for five days before they are removed by cemetery staff, just keep in mind that the deer do like roses and have been known to snaffle them up right away.
  • In recent years we are seeing quite a number of solar lights and metal wreath and flower stands placed on graves during the winter months.
  • These types of articles definitely affect the safety of our crews and visitors as they may become hidden under the snow.
  • They have been allowed to remain provided that they have been placed beside headstones so that they do not interfere with snow removal which is necessary between the rows when a grave must be dug and interment services are held.
  • A word of caution when placing a solar light in the cemetery at any time of the year. These lights, when viewed by drivers along Scenic Drive may be reported as possible vandals in the cemetery after dark and are often targeted by thieves.
  • All of the above articles must be removed in the Spring.