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Types of Interments


Cremation interments take less space than casket interments.  Arrangements to place or to memorialize cremated remains are as easy as giving us a call at 403 320 3008.

We are able to offer you several choices for the final resting place of your friend or family once they have been cremated.

  • Memorial Wall Space is available at Mountain View & St. Patrick's cemeteries
  • Scatter Garden - Mountain View Cemetery
  • Ossuary - Mountain View Cemetery
  • Find Out More About the Above Three Choices
  • Columbarium Niche - What is a Columbarium?  Now Available at Archmount, Royal View Memorial & Mountain View Cemeteries
  • Earth burial of ashes is available at all cemeteries in plots specifically sized for either one or two urns or above an existing full casket size plotup

Casket - Permanent Outer Box Mandatory

Casket interment plots are larger than cremation plots and arrangements to bury a casket are scheduled by a funeral home.

  • Single Depth - 6 Foot is available at all cemeteries
  • Double Depth - 1st at 9 Foot / 2nd at 6 Foot - Mountain View Cemetery
  • Cremations may also be interred in a single or double depth casket plot  above a  casket interment,(Up to 8 in Mountain View, Archmount and St. Patrick's Cemeteries and up to  4 in Royal View Memorial Cemetery, families will need to consider allowing space for additional names on the headstone before purchasing one

 Green Burial - Grasslands at Royal View Memorial Cemetery

  •  Green Burial is the full body earth burial in a biodegradable shroud or casket, no imbalming or vaults are used.
  • Single depth, consequestial plots for one person.
  • No cremated remains will be interred, for options phone our office

Field of Honour

  • Veterans are allowed to be interred in a special section within our cemetery at a reduced cost once authorized. Their name and service number must be provided.
  • Get the Details

Babyland - Mountain View Cemetery & Royal View Memorial Cemetery

  • Special sections (both Catholic and Protestant) are provided for the interment of infants and children up to six years of age.  The graves are smaller and interment charges and plot charges are less.
  • There is also a memorial bench located in Block 26 at Mountain View Cemetery where names and dates may be added. Contact Remco Memorials or Call (403)328-8956 to reach their Lethbridge Consultant