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Memorial Wall & Ossuary Space

​We have Memorial Wall Space located at Mountain View and St. Patrick's cemeteries.

  • Wall space is available for a 2 inch by 10 inch bronze  plaque or a 4 inch by 12 inch granite plaque with a name and dates engraved - the plaques are purchased and installed by a Monument Company
  • Our database tracks the name and dates of your loved one and can include a note telling of their final resting place if desired. Often folks wish to have their ashes scattered at a favourite spot leaving no record for future generations.
  • You may purchase Memorial Wall space even if the person is not buried at any of our cemeteries.
  • Many St. Patrick's Cemetery grave locations are unknown as no monuments were left behind. The memorial wall is designed to record the names and dates of those unmarked graves.

Memorial Walls Located in the Mountain View Cemetery Scatter Garden


Memorial Wall MV Scatter Garden.jpg 
There are 8 memorial walls located in the Scatter Garden at Mountain View Cemetery where ashes may be scattered for a nominal charge, you may make arrangements for scattering by calling us at 403 320 3008.
Ossuary & Memorial Pillars Located at the Far West End of Mountain View Cemetery
 Ossuary Westend.jpg
What is an Ossuary? It is a common receptacle for cremated remains and is a less costly alternative to earth interment. The door to the ossuary (the one with the dove on the front) is opened by our staff  and families then pour the ashes directly into the opening. There are memorial spaces located on all four corners. Our Ossuary is in the centre of the tallest Columbarium at the far west end of Mountain View.