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Mountain View Cemetery

2006 Aerial Photo of Mountain View CemeteryLocated at 1210 Scenic Drive South

The main entrance is straight ahead through the gates west of the Immortal Flame. 

This cemetery originated as a direct request for interment space on the south side of the city as the old Pioneer Cemetery (St. Patrick's) was not meeting the needs of the citizens of the time.



  • 1901 the Anglican Church started a private cemetery originating with Plan One - Block One located in the centre of today's Mountain View, purchased by the City in 1942.
  • 1905, an undertaker named B. C. Moore started a second private cemetery just east of  the original Anglican Church block, subsequently turned over to the City in 1909.
  • 1909, the death of Lou Louenthal prompted the Hebrew Community in Lethbridge to start their own cemetery so they purchased 1.2 acres west of Moore's Cemetery, this cemetery is also now a part of Mountain View Cemetery as well; and is maintained by the City under a special arrangement.
  • Click Here for a Map of Mountain View Cemetery Blocks
  • Need a map? Call 403 320 3008 or email with the name of the person whose grave you are wishing to find. We will be happy to send you one with directions to the grave you want to visit.