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St. Patrick's Cemetery

2006 Aerial Photo of St. Patrick's Cemetery525 6th Avenue North

St. Patrick's Cemetery built in December of 1886 is located on the north side of the City with access at 6th Avenue and Stafford Drive adjacent to Dave Elton Park.

This cemetery was referred to as the Miners' Cemetery and the Pioneer Cemetery in the early days and was divided into three sections: a Roman Catholic section on the west, a Protestant section on the east and a Chinese section on the south east.

The interment records for this cemetery were completely destroyed in a church fire in the early 1950's. Today the interment records we are able to access were provided courtesy of the Alberta Genealogical Society Lethbridge Branch based solely on headstones already in place before the fire so are incomplete in many cases as families could not always afford to place a monument.

The Alberta Genealogical Society Lethbridge Branch Click Here to Access Their Website continues their work with old church records and may be able to at least provide names of relatives buried in the cemetery that our records do not show even though there is no exact grave location.

  • All records and interments for St. Patrick's Cemetery are looked after from the Cemetery Administration Office located at Mountain View Cemetery 1210 Scenic Drive South in Lethbridge.
  • Click Here for St. Patrick's Cemetery Block Map
  • Need a map? Call 403 320 3008 or email with the name of the person whose grave you are wishing to find. We will be happy to send you one with directions to the grave you want to visit.