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The Cemetery Story

Your cemeteries are among the best kept in the Province and we get a lot of compliments on the beautifully kept grounds from visitors worldwide.


Royal View Memorial is the first Cemetery started by the City which historically came into stewardship of three other cemeteries located within the City limits.

  • The Protestant and Chinese sections of St. Patrick's Cemetery came under municipal control in 1899 when the land was transferred from the coal company to the Town of Lethbridge.
  • The Catholic section of St. Patrick's Cemetery was transferred from the Diocese to the City in 1953.
  • In 1942 the City purchased the Anglican Cemetery, which it had supervised since the 1920's.
  • Archmount Memorial Gardens was transferred from a private company to the City by the Province of Alberta in 1982.

Your Loved Ones

At the end of 2018 close to 36,433 friends and family are resting at peace in city cemeteries.

  • 4,716 in Archmount
  • 29,734 in Mountain View
  • 2,254 in St. Patrick's
  • 133 in Royal View Memorial

Your Cemetery Staff

Six full time staff look after the cemeteries, one manager, one administrative clerk with four outside crew members with the assistance of one part time grounds person and one part time administrative clerk year round and up to eight part time grounds crew to help out in the summer with mowing and watering.

Trees & Benches

We have a tree replacement program in place to identify trees nearing the end of their lifespan and replace them before they can become a danger to people or monuments.

 Tree Program


  • Mountain View Cemetery - Mature Poplar trees in the Field of Honour were replaced with Tree Lilacs and Poplar trees in 2015.  New trees added in 2019 consist mostly of Poplar, Spruce, Pine, Lilac and Ohio Buckeyes.
  • St. Patrick's Cemetery - The introduction of the Red Alder tree, a species uncommon to Lethbridge. This new species appears to find St. Patrick's an agreeable growing environment. The success of our Cherry trees at this location prompted the planting of 6 new Evans Cherry trees along with Oak and Ohio Buckeye trees.
  • Archmount Cemetery - Following the success rates of our new Willow trees the replacement of aging Poplars with Willows will continue.
  • Royal View Memorial Cemetery - Annual supplementation of trees continues at our newest cemetery.

 In an effort to diversify the tree species in our cemeteries the Harlequin Maple tree was test planted in Mountain View and St. Patrick's Cemeteries in 2016.

Number & Types of Trees (these are approximate counts): 

  • Mountain View Cemetery - 1350 the most common are Spruce (500), Elm (300) & Ash (200). The remainder of the inventory is made up of various other types of trees & shrubs.   
    • 2019 - 15 Larch and 10 Spruce trees were planted along with one Honeysuckle shrub.
  • St. Patrick's Cemetery - 175 mostly deciduous (127 elm, poplar and Oak plus 34 coniferous, mostly Spruce).
    • 2019 - 7 Linden trees were planted
  • Archmount Cemetery - 507 mostly deciduous (254 poplar, elm and some ash plus 247 coniferous, mostly spruce). 
    • 2019 - 18 Linden and 8 Larch trees were planted
  • Royal View Memorial Cemetery - features an initial planting of 525 shrubs and 350 trees from 18 different species including Apple, Oak, Lilac, Birch and Evergreens. 
    • ​In 2019- 5 Scotts Pine and 5 Japanese Tree Lilacs along with 5 Austrian Pines were added

Some of our trees have been donated in memory of loved ones as well as the memorial benches you will notice placed at the ends of rows or between trees in various locations throughout the cemetery. You will also notice larger Memorial Monuments throughout the grounds, these have been donated by the agencies they depict.

Donations List:

  • 8 Memorial Monuments
  • 2 Plaques . The United Empire Loyalists erected a plaque in 2019
  • 43 Trees/Shrubs
  • 107 Memorial Benches (5 New Benches were donated in 2018)

Are you interested in donating a tree or a bench for placement in any of our cemeteries?

Go to Gifting Program to find out how.

Cemetery Statistics

Keeping statistical data for your cemeteries is a very important part of the job we do as these figures tell their own story. 

In 2019

  • 1181 individuals visited our office
  • 1,836 phone calls were answered
  • 281 E-mail inquiries were replied to

Plot Sales and Interments 


Plot Sales and Interment Numbers 


These statistics help us plan for the type and number of burial space that is likely to be needed in the future. ​​​​​