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2019 Downtown Safety Education Sessions

Session #1 Introduction and Discussion (February 26, 2019)
This first session included an overview of the Downtown Clean and Safe Strategy by City Manager, Bramwell Strain as well as group discussion for those in attendance. The information collected will better define the education needs of downtown businesses and future session topics. 


Session #2 - Understanding the Drug Crisis (March 19, 2019)
The second session covered what the current situation is related to the drug crisis in Lethbridge. This session included information from Lethbridge Police Services, Lethbridge Fire and Emergency Services, ARCHES, and the City of Lethbridge Community Social Development department. 


Session #3 - Business and Event Security (April 16, 2019)
With festival season just around the corner, the April session focused on security for both downtown businesses and events.

0:00 - Welcome, Andrew Malcolm, City of Lethbridge
2:11 - Event Planning and Permits, Sarah Burton, City of Lethbridge
22:05 - Event Safety, Kim Laing, St. John's Ambulance
54:11 - LPS Pay Duty, Cst. Barent Goodrich, LPS
57:20 - Events Best Practices, Dawn Leite, Allied Arts Council
1:09:07 - Maximizing Businesses, Ted Stilson, Downtown Lethbridge BRZ


Session #4 - Crime Response & Reporting (May 21, 2019) 

May's session focused on what to do if you have been a victim of crime including proper reporting and accessing support services. 

0:00, Welcome, Andrew Malcolm, City of Lethbridge
2:50, Who to Call, Andrew Malcolm, City of Lethbridge 
4:41, Event Reporting and Investigation 101, Melissa Craig, City of Lethbridge
24:48, Online LPS Reporting & Alternative Response Management, Cst. Barent Goodrich, LPS
33:46, Record Keeping, Evaluation, and Accountability, Barbara Longair, Lethbridge Public Library


Session #5 - Safe Needle Collection Training (June 18, 2019)

Drug and needle debris are a challenging issue in Lethbridge, and our community is not alone. Cities across Canada and the globe are tackling this issue with strategies to ensure communities are as safe and healthy as possible. Needles are used by people with specific health conditions and people with drug addictions. Safe collection and disposal of these needles reduces the chances of injury and promotes a safe and vibrant community. This one hour training will provide important information for downtown businesses, residents, and organizations on the City's Needle Collection Program as well as hands on training on safe needle collection and disposal provided by ARCHES. Ultimately, better equipping our Downtown to respond to needle debris and contributing to a clean and safe downtown. 

FREE Needle Collection Kits that include picker, puncture proof gloves and disposal containers will be made available at no charge for the first 30 business, residents, or non-profits. These kits will allow for more responsive action when a needle is discovered on site or in a public area surrounding a business.