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Downtown Safety

We have created one Public Safety Contact Information sheet to break down what organization to call for what kind of unwanted experience or issue you may encounter. For a more detailed description of what safety measures and programs have been implemented to address safety in our Downtown Core, see below.

Lethbridge Police Services Downtown Policing Unit - Composed of 1 sergeant and 8 constables that operate 4 teams of 2. The DPU will patrol on foot, bike when weather permits and also with a dedicated DPU van.
Contact: 403-715-6484

Lethbridge Police Watch Program - The Watch will consist primarily of community volunteers and is aimed at being reflective of the diversity of Lethbridge. The goal of The Watch is to provide an additional layer of safety to citizens by offering services such as safe walks and discouraging negative use through public visibility, de-escalation tactics and real time communication to the appropriate emergency services.


Downtown Hot Spot Security - Temporary program in place until the Watch Program is operational. This hot spot patrol will complement the Galt Gardens/SAAG/Casa security. 

Public Facility Security - The City provides private security coverage for Galt Gardens, SAAG, Casa and a mobile patrol of the various parks in the City. 

Diversion Outreach Team (DOT) Expansion - This team provides transportation supports for persons vulnerable to homelessness or other street behaviours and who may be exhibiting symptoms of public intoxication or drug use. 
Contact: 403-892-3707 (Monday - Saturday, 9 a.m. - 9 p.m.)

S.A.G.E. Clan Patrol Team - A patrol team tasked with engaging the aboriginal community through conversations, presentations and participation. The group has been responding to individuals that require assistance as well as other duties such as needle debris collection.  

Needle Drug Debris Collection Program - This ongoing and expanded service helps to combat needle and drug debris issues through a needle collection program. 
Contact: 403-328-8186

Clean Sweep Program (CSP) - This initiative provides ongoing and expanded support for the Clean Sweep Program. CSP offers individuals experiencing homelessness the opportunity to engage in employment related activities such as cleaning up garbage, sweeping sidewalks, shoveling snow, graffiti removal, needle clean up and other cleaning tasks. 

Contact: 403-327-9002

Downtown Ambassador Program - This volunteer program will offer year round, on-the-street engagement and promotion with daily connections to businesses, residents and tourists in the downtown, providing a visible and welcoming presence.