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Downtown Parking

Downtown Parking


Things are changing with Lethbridge’s downtown parking. Upcoming projects are transforming how we pay, changing where we park and reducing the number of parking spots available. Embrace the change, it means our downtown is growing and thriving and that’s a good thing. We know parking can be a challenge and we want to make Lethbridge’s downtown a place for people. More homes, businesses and entertainment might mean a little less space for cars. Let’s work together, as a community, to find solutions by encouraging initiatives like carpooling, using public transit, cycling and walking to help us manage downtown parking pressures.

New Parking Technology​

In May 2018, the City of Lethbridge introduced new, modern parking technology to replace the aging downtown parking meters and establish consistent parking controls. Learn more about paying for parking downtown...

Regional Park 'N' Ride Transit Terminal

In January 2018, construction will begin on the new downtown Regional Park & Ride Transit Terminal. This project is scheduled to be completed in 2020. This new terminal will provide additional downtown parking and a much needed, off-street transit hub. This location will also serve as the terminal for regional transit services. Read more here...

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