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Downtown Parking

 With over 1,900 publicly accessible parking spaces in the downtown, there are convenient parking options for all budgets, vehicle types, and destinations. 

Hourly Parking Rates

​For parking in Zone 2 (2hr max) or Zone 3 (3hr max) the rate is $1.00 per hour. If you are paying by coin, the minimum is $0.05 for 3 minutes.

For parking in Zone 10 the rate is $0.45 per hour with a minimum 4 hour purchase. In this case, you would need a minimum $1.80. 


Where can I park?

Why paid downtown parking? 

Parking in the downtown looks to balance reliable and affordable parking for all budgets, vehicle types, and destinations with the needs of residents, local businesses, institutions, and visitors. The goal is to balance these needs without creating a car dependent environment that takes away from the walkable nature of downtown. 

The key aspects to this concept are: 

  1. creating shorter term customer parking with high turnover rates in front of downtown businesses;
  2. creating longer term employee parking with lower turnover rates in locations where businesses are not fronting the stalls;
  3. providing off‐street parking facilities.


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Parking Alternatives



Call 311 or visit our FAQ page.

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