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Public Spaces

​Public spaces are an important part of downtown Lethbridge because they provide people with opportunities to come together. They create a social space for everyone to connect.

The City of Lethbridge is committed to enhancing the public spaces in downtown Lethbridge with several upcoming and ongoing initiatives.

Outdoor Patios, Parklets and Street Vending

Local businesses can look at different ways to convert streets and sidewalks owned by the City of Lethbridge into a use that serves people rather than vehicles. This supports local business, beautifies the streets, creates walkable destinations and makes the city more welcoming and people-friendly.

In order to manage requests for patios, parklets and street vending, a permit process was developed. This helps support businesses, ensures pedestrian flow and public safety are maintained, and takes into consideration adjacent businesses or residences that might be impacted. 

While focused on the downtown, outdoor patios, parklets, and street vending are supported in other areas of the City please enquire for details.  Additionally, a city-wide Patio COVID Support Grant is available for businesses city-wide looking to expand outdoor seating options for patios or parklets.  

This handbook will identify safety and operational requirements, as well as provide general conditions and clear direction to individuals who would like to understand this process from the perspective of either the business wanting to use the Right of Way adjacent to their business (Applicant), other businesses or citizens.

For inquiries and/or to apply contact

Permits are required for the following:

Outdoor Patios: A Minor Patio is an unfenced area used for dining and/or recreational purposes (during business hours) directly abutting a business. A Major Patio is a separated area by a fixed structure such as fencing, used for dining and/or recreational purposes directly abutting a business.

Parklets are enclosed areas, used for either seasonal dining, recreational purposes, or for the purpose of detouring pedestrians to accommodate a sidewalk patio, that uses the parking spaces adjacent to a business
(May 1 – October 15).

Parklet examples located in Downtown Lethbridge 

Street Vending is a business displaying and/or selling merchandise directly adjacent to their business only.

Patios on Private Lots 

  • Outdoor seating that is placed on a private parcel of land like a surface parking area is treated differently as it falls under the Land Use Bylaw's rules and regulations. Please contact for more information.

Downtown Outdoor Placemaking Support

Patios, Parklets, and Street Vending located in the downtown are eligible for funding and/or use of City infrastructure including prefabricated structures, planters, and bistro sets. 

Public Realm Enhancement

This Capital Improvement Program (CIP) project aims to create vibrant public space in the downtown. This work is a combination of several projects including:

  • Installations of new street furniture,
  • Replacement of old street furniture,
  • Replacement of trees and tree grates,
  • Creation and installation of public art

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Galt Gardens Accessible and Inclusive Play Space

The City of Lethbridge has been successful in securing $375,000 in grant funding through the Government of Canada’s Community Revitalization Fund (CCRF) to construct a new Inclusive and Accessible Play Space in Galt Gardens that will add to community vibrancy and the vitality of downtown by fostering active, social, educational, inclusive and accessible play opportunities. 

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Festival Square Reconstruction

In Spring 2020, the City completed conceptual designs for the re-imagining of Festival Square as a permanent market plaza space. The designs incorporated previous plans and studies as well as discussions with the City, HOC, Downtown BRZ, and stakeholders through a virtual meeting and public survey.  In Fall 2020, the City and Province both agreed that this project was a natural fit for economic stimulus funding, and $900,000 in Provincial funding was allocated for design and construction. The project is slated for construction between Spring-Fall 2021.  

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3 Ave South Reconstruction

The redesign and reconstruction of this vital downtown corridor, will focus on creating a pedestrian-friendly street with improved access, traffic efficiency and safety.

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