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Get Prepared

We encourage you to download the Alberta Emergency Alert app so you can get emergency alerts directly to your phone. By signing up to receive this information directly, you will be better informed about potential risks to your health, safety or community.


Emergency Preparedness begins with you!

The Government of Canada and the City of Lethbridge recommends you take 3 simple steps to be ready and be prepared for an emergency.

Step 1: Know the Risks

  • Fires, Tornadoes, Winter Storms, Power Outage, Thunderstorms, Floods, Heat Waves are some of the risks for the City of Lethbridge

Step 2: Make a Plan

  • In the event there is an emergency or disaster in the City of Lethbridge or surrounding area, residents may be required to provide for themselves for 72 hours without external assistance.
  • Make a plan with your family so everyone knows the plan when there is an emergency. Consider including emergency contact numbers, evacuation routes, and shelter in place location. Remember to include what you are going to do with your animals.

             Step 3: Get a Kit

  • Create or buy a kit that can be easily accessible if you have to evacuate your home. It is also important to plan what to do if you have to shelter in place.

Know the Risks

The Emergency Operations Centre has been activated ten times since 2011, responding to natural disasters and emergencies around flooding, wild grass fires and water turbidity events.

  Getting Flood Ready  


Water Conservation Tips
Advisories & Warnings

Make a Plan

Household Emergency Plan

Emergency Car Kit






City Response in Emergencies