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Public Notification

Alberta Emergency Alert

The City of Lethbridge utilizes the provincial alerting system "Alberta Emergency Alert". This program was initially developed in 1992 and currently allows for effective co-operation between government and media outlets. Its intention is to issue warnings or critical information about an immediate disaster, where it is occurring and what action needs to be taken.

Alerts are distributed to the public through various outlets including:

  • Radio and Television
  • Internet
  • RSS Feed
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Road Signage
  • Alberta Emergency Alert Mobile App

Alert Ready is a new national public alerting system designed to deliver critical life-saving alerts to Canadians. This is achieved using provincial programs already in place; in Alberta, this is accomplished using Alberta Emergency Alert.

As of April 6, 2018, the method of distributing these crucial alerts will include wireless broadcasts to cellular phones with LTE capabilities. Wireless phone carriers and their customers will be required to participate in the program which will allow for the ability to receive push notifications, similar to text messages, on their mobile devices. These notifications can be related to disasters of any nature, critical incident information, and amber alerts.

The new Alert Ready feature in the Alberta Emergency Alert system will allow officials to determine certain population segments at risk to receive messages. This could be as small as a neighborhood and as large as an entire region. This allows emergency personnel to ensure the right people are receiving the right information when needed.

Stay tuned to City of Lethbridge meida outlets for continued updates on this Canada-wide initiative.