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False alarm fees

     Lethbridge Fire & Emergency Services
On January 1, 2010, Bylaw 5542 came into effect.  This bylaw allows Lethbridge Fire and Emergency Services to charge a fee for service regarding false fire alarms.
The service fees per calendar year are as follows:
1st response — No Charge
2nd response—$75.00
3rd response—$350.00
4th response and over—$675.00
There will be a fee charged for the following: 

Alarms ringing due to construction dust and hot works
Phone your monitoring company and dispatch at 403-327-3333 prior to work starting
Reoccurring mechanical problems: ie: faulty heat detector or changes in water pressure
Call a service company
        There will be no fee charged for
        the following:
Pull box accidently activated
No fee
Alarm rings, building supervisor verifies it is a false alarm. Immediately calls 911
Fire truck will respond without lights and sirens with no charge
Fire extinguished by resident
Fire truck will respond to ensure fire is out with no charge
Every fire call will be reviewed to determine if there will be a charge for service.
If you have any questions or concerns please call the Fire Prevention office at 403-320-3811 or email