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Fire Pit Information

Many Lethbridge residents have a fire pit or portable fire receptacle in their back yards. As long as the fire is in a fire pit or receptacle a permit is not required and we ask that all residents burn in a responsible and considerate manner. Here are some things to consider before using a fire pit.

All Fires Must Be:

  • In a fire pit or portable fire receptacle constructed of non-combustible material
  • In a fire pit built into the bare ground or set upon non-combustible material such as brick or stone (if not in a receptacle)
  • Not be closer than 1.5 meters of the property line, building or fence, or beneath any trees or branches (or other combustible materials)
  • Only clean, dry firewood is permitted to be burned in fire pits. Burning prohibited materials can cause dense smoke and offensive odours to neighbouring properties.
  • Less than 1 meter in height at the widest point
  • No fires between the hours of 1:30 AM and 8:00 AM
  • No fires when the wind is blowing or gusting at or above 30 km/h
  • You must have a means to extinguish the fire on hand at all times. The fire must be extinguished completely, so that the ashes are cold prior to leaving the fire.

You Cannot Burn:    

  • Treated or painted lumber
  • Lumber products containing glue or resin  
  • Wet or unseasoned wood
  • Leaves, brush or yard waste
  • Garbage
  • Rubber, tires or plastic
  • Animal carcasses or parts

Penalty for Improper Use of Fire Pit:

  • Burning prohibited material $150
  • Burning during prohibited hours $150
  • Failure to comply with any regulation $150
  • Burning when winds exceed 30 km/h $150
  • Burning during a total fire ban $200

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Additional Tips for Fire Pits: 

  • Smoke from fire pits can cause adverse health effects in some people. Be aware of neighbours that may be negatively impacted to exposure of smoke from outdoor fire pits. For more information on the health effects of fire pit smoke click here.
  • Before using your fire pit, familiarize yourself with wind conditions and take precautions to prevent smoke from disturbing your neighbours.
    • High wind speeds may pose a fire hazard.
    • Low wind speeds may contribute to poor air quality and reduce smoke dissipation.
  • Placing a metal grill/screen on top of the fire pit reduces the flame's size and helps prevent sparks and embers from escaping and igniting nearby materials.

Additional Information:

Click here to view the Open Burning Bylaw which regulates fire pit use.
Click here  for the Open Burn Permit application. 
Still have questions? Contact us at