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Permits & Applications

Tank Permits  

Permits are required for petroleum tanks only.P5120021.JPG
For an application form to remove or install above ground or underground tanks click here or for information on underground piping replacement click here.
If a tank is being decommissioned please fill out this form.
Current fees are $87.00 for the first tank and $50.00 for each additional tank.

Pyrotechnics / Fire Performance

For requirements for fireworks displays you must be a licensed pyro technician and must be approved by the City of Lethbridge, Fire Prevention Bureau. Click here for more information.
For a Pyrotechnic application form click here.  
**Please note an application form must be filled out for each event and all requirements must be met prior to the permit being issued.**

For an application form for Fire Performance (Fire Spinning) click here.

The current fee is $100.00.

For the safety of our residents, the City of Lethbridge prohibits the discharge of fireworks and does not issue permits for the sale or purchase of fireworks.

Open Burning Guidelines

Fire pit permits are not required within the City of Lethbridge although the citizens of Lethbridge are encouraged to be familiar with bylaw 5858 Open Burning.

When the Fire Department responds to a fire pit complaint, they will determine if there is a public safety concern and if so will extinguish the fire.

The Fire Department may issue commercial Open Burn Permits. For an application form click here.

The current fee is $100.00.

Fire Safety Plan

A Fire Safety Plan is required within the City of Lethbridge for construction, renovation and demolition sites. See Fire Safety Plan Guidelines.

Demolition Permit Application

Please visit the Fire Prevention Office for signatures between the hours of 8:00am and 4:30pm.

Please be advised, in order to receive the Fire Prevention signature on the Demolition Permit, the ATCO Gas and Electric Department signature must be received first.

To save some time, please fill out the following document and bring with you to receive the Fire Prevention signature. Fire Safety Plan for small buildings.

The current fee is $100.00.  

Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Vehicles that are transporting dangerous goods within the City of Lethbridge, require a Transportation of Dangerous Goods permit.  All vehicles must transport their dangerous goods on the Dangerous Goods Route.

This permit must be renewed annually, a reminder will be sent the month prior to the permit needing to be renewed.

To renew your dangerous goods permit or to apply for a new permit click here

The current fee is $100.00 per year. 

AGLC Event/Occupant Loads

Please visit the Fire Prevention Office for signatures between the hours of 8:00am and 4:30pm.

For Outdoor Events please refer to the Outdoor Special Event Requirements.  

For Indoor Events please refer to the Indoor Special Event Requirements.

The current fee is $125.00. 

Secondary Suites


The approval of secondary suites is a vital step to ensure life safety measures are in place to keep residents safe. This approval is done through the Building Code. Learn more about this process here: