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Public Education FAQ

Top ten reasons people phone the fire department:


1.  I recently purchased a carbon monoxide detector….now what?

  • Keep the packaging and follow the manufacturers guidelines.  All CO detectors are different.

2.  My smoke detector is beeping. What can I do?

  • Check the battery, clean the detector with a vacuum cleaner and check the expiry date (they only last for 10 years). If you require assistance please contact us.

3.  Are fire pits legal in Lethbridge?

4.  Can I have fireworks in Lethbridge?

  • A licensed company can discharge fireworks within the City.

5.  Is there a fee for a false alarm?

6.  Are there classes on how to use a fire extinguisher?

  • Yes. Please contact us any time of the year for our environmentally friendly training.

7.  Our house is more than two levels. Is a rope ladder a good idea?

  • Yes. Follow the manufacturers guidelines and make sure you have a working smoke detector.

8.  Will the fire department come to our school?

9.  Our business requires help with emergency planning. Can the fire department help?

10.  Our business needs help with a fire drill. Can the fire department help?